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To ensure that our members, staff, colleagues, and community are always our highest priorities, we commit to these values:

WELCOMING:  We behave in polite and friendly ways towards everyone, we invite others to join our efforts and we make
all feel accepted.

EMPATHETIC:  We show an ability to understand and share the feelings of another; we display sympathy and compassion.

COLLABORATION:  We work effectively within and across teams and other organizations.

ACCOUNTABILITY:  We do what we say; we are impeccable stewards of all our resources.

RESPECT:  We honor diversity and inclusion and express gratitude; we embrace others and alternative ways of thinking.

EXCELLENCE:  We strive to excel in all we do and say. We continuously improve ourselves and our organization; we are
innovative, authentic, honest, and transparent; we strive to do the right thing every day, every time.

We make our environment pleasant and open.
We are approachable and responsive.
We are friendly and gracious in our interactions.

We seek to understand by actively listening first.
We are in tune with our feelings and those of others.
We seek to find commonalities.
We inspire action and change.

We build cross-functional relationships and goals.
We are present and engaged when working together.
We practice the power of “Positive No’s.”
We recognize the influence of others.
We are patient when working with others.
We celebrate accomplishments.

We keep our promises and contribute effectively.
We accept responsibility & we learn from our mistakes. We are good stewards of all resources.
We focus on long-term goals.

We treat everyone with dignity and respect.
We create a safe environment to express diverse
We are inclusive of all.
We build diverse teams at all levels.
We engage and lead other through inspiration.
We consistently show appreciation for the contribution
of others.

We constantly strive to do our best for the Club and self.
We invest in developing ourselves and others.
We allow people to try new and innovative approaches
and create innovative solutions.
We aspire for greatness in all aspects.
We are open and honest, and admit when we are wrong.
We have the courage to speak up.
We communicate in a clear and direct manner.
We value input from others
We put the goals of the mission before our own.
We lead with good intentions.

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